Some funny statements made by my 2 year old nephew:

(Just so no one is confused, my nephew calls me Coco.)

“Look, Coco, here’s a farm.” (Which he said when he saw the big red storage building behind my parent’s house, which, incidentally, is NOT on a farm. I suppose he thinks that any red building must mean there is farm nearby.)

“Coco, this is a turtle?” (Which he said when he saw two porcelain mushrooms that are on a rock in my parent’s backyard. Don’t ask why they’re there, because I don’t know.)

“Mama, that horse smell me.” (The horse actually did smell him, but everything is funnier when it comes out of the mouth of a 2 year old.)

“(Gasp) Coco, What’s that sound?”
“It’s a bird.”
“No, Coco, that not a bird.” (It was a bird.)

“Coco, I wu you.” (Translation: Coco, I love you!”)

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