Tea, Anyone?

I’m sure all of you know that Nicole (that’s me) loves coffee! Most of you probably also know that I love all things British. British literature, British history, British accents, etc. Well, for those of you who haven’t been around me in a number of years, you should be aware that during my years living in Tulsa, I also developed a love for hot tea. This love of tea was brought on by my passion for Jane Austen (one of my favorite British authors) and my love of hot drinks. It only seemed natural to start drinking hot tea. After all, Elizabeth Bennett drinks hot tea every evening.

However, once you start drinking tea, the biggest obstacle is deciding which tea brands are best. I perused many different tea brands, flavors, and tea bag styles (Can you believe the bag makes a difference? Well, it does.), and I discovered which brands I feel are the best. My favorite hot tea brand is Twinings of London. This brand has an excellent Irish Breakfast Tea, which few other brands carry. Most only carry English Breakfast Tea, which is good but doesn’t have the kick of the Irish Breakfast.
Twinings is followed closely by Revolution Tea. This brand has an “infuser bag” that is not as air tight so that it allows the tea leaves to truly permeate the water with flavor. My favorite Revolution flavor is their Earl Grey Lavender. Generally, I am not a fan of Earl Grey tea, but their added touch of lavender to the mix makes for an amazing tea experience.

In light of this information about me, you can imagine my joy at discovering a new tea brand today. It’s called Tea Forte. This tea comes in a fun pyramid-shaped bag. I haven’t tried the tea, but I’ve heard it’s great. I’ll be trying it soon and I’ll be sure to let you know.

One thought on “Tea, Anyone?

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    “I had a tea the other day.” “You couldn’t pay.”“Oh, right.”(Couldn’t resist. Actually, I did have a nice herbal, non-caffinated pomegranate-flavored tea a couple days ago. I’ll never be as into tea as you are, though.)

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