The Soundtrack of My Life . . .

My friend Amy asked everyone to list the songs that would be on the soundtrack of their life. I thought it was a wonderful idea, so here goes:

1. I Have Decided–Folk melody from India
2. Because He Lives-William J. & Gloria Gaither
3. Thread of Hope–Jeff & Sheri Easter
4. 9 to 5–Dolly Parton
5. Shout to the Lord–Darlene Zschech
6. In the Waiting–Greg Long
7. The Dreams I Dream for You–Avalon
8. Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now–Starship
9. If I Could Turn Back Time–Cher
10. Where Could I Go?–James B. Coats
11. Bill–from “Show Boat” (**UPDATE–SEE BELOW**)
12. On the Street Where You Live–from “My Fair Lady”
13. I Enjoy Being a Girl–from “Flower Drum Song” (**UPDATE–SEE BELOW**)
14. Lord Move, or Move Me–FFH
15. For Good–from the Original Cast Recording of “Wicked”
16. It is Well With My Soul–Spafford/Bliss

Because I’m obsessive-compulsive, I tried to put these in some semblance of order in which they have been relevant in my life. Some, however, are always relevant. Furthermore, I know there are a hundred more that I could have put down, but these are songs that have had particular meaning for significant periods of time, with the exception of number 4, which is just my daily life, and 8, which is just a song I have always loved!
If you have a chance, I’d love to know the soundtrack of your life!

**UPDATE–Marc. 29, ‘006** (Stan, if you happen to read this, I posted the date that way especially for you!)
I knew when I posted this that there was at least one, maybe two songs that I was forgetting. Fortunately, Jana reminded me of them when she posted her soundtrack. I am sure that “Bill” needs explaining (Jana gets it, at any rate), but if you really want to know, you’ll just have to email and ask me, because it is too silly to post where the whole world can read it.

7 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of My Life . . .

  1. Coley says:

    Well, as you can tell I went with 14. I was thinking in terms of a musical or movie soundtrack, which could have anywhere from 10 to 25 tracks on it.

  2. Coley says:

    It was a fun, silly time. I wonder whatever happened to “Bill,” hypothetically speaking! (Insert sound of me laughing hysterically here.)And if you’re talking about “It Might as Well Be Spring.” Then yes, it is absolutely soundtrack worthy. Sheesh! At this rate, I’ll have to graduate to the 2-disc version of my life soundtrack!

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