Wireless and Free!!

After roughly eight hours of struggle, I was finally able to figure out why I couldn’t set up my wireless network on my laptop. Um, well, thanks to two IT technicians and the moral support of a couple of friends!

Furthermore, I returned my school correspondence materials today, which means that I’m totally and completely free for three months!

And tonight . . . I’ve done absolutely nothing, and to be honest . . . it has been wonderful!

So, this is how relaxation feels . . . I had almost forgotten.

3 thoughts on “Wireless and Free!!

  1. Coley says:

    And thank you very much for your time and patience during the process, Jai! When I come to visit next weekend, I’ll bring the laptop. We are totally going to Bona for coffee and blogging!Amy, I actually am going to be in Springfield tomorrow, but I’ll be at the mercy of the family as we’re celebrating my nephew’s birthday. Email me your phone number, anyway, I don’t think I have it. Maybe we can get together sometime before camp. Speaking of which, now that you’re back, any chance you might make it up there?

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