Because Tulsa Is Only 4,260 Miles From Dublin.

I’m in Tulsa this weekend visiting friends, and as I was driving down the road I saw this:

Does it disturb anyone else that the local quick stop store is now (a) selling Muffin Tops (Anyone thinking about a certain Seinfeld episode yet?) and (b) trying to appeal to the Irish in all of us in the process?

8 thoughts on “Because Tulsa Is Only 4,260 Miles From Dublin.

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    I just want to say, “I was there when she took this picture!” And no, I am not disturbed. How can you go wrong with muffin tops? They are, by far, the best part of the muffin.

  2. Jim says:

    they are not just tops, they merely need to be inflated using the air hose in the parking lot, that way they have more room inside for the beer[QT is a gas station chain]

  3. Coley says:

    They are the best part of the muffin, Jai, but seriously, I’ve never eaten any food from QT, EVER! Not in the whole time I lived in Tulsa did I eat food from there. Gas station food? Come on!Wonder what else you could get in there, Jim?

  4. Jana Swartwood says:

    What’s wrong with gas station food? They’ve got bakers who bake and deliver the stuff each morning. So it’s fresh. I don’t see the problem. It’s not like a packaged Twinkie that may or may not have been sitting on the shelf past its half-life.

  5. Katie says:

    Somehow I don’t think either of you is going to give in on this argument. I do lean toward the rule of no consumption of food from Gas Stations though.

  6. Coley says:

    Thanks for the support, Katie! I just feel that if it doesn’t come in a prepackaged state, that I just can’t trust “Gas Station Food”.

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