"Ain’t It Just Like God?"

Maybe I should have titled my blog “Musical Ramblings”, since I’ve discovered that I spend more time quoting song lyrics than I do literature.

The song that is on my mind today is “Ain’t It Just Like God?” by The Nelons. I couldn’t find a link to the lyrics, but fortunately (and probably not surprisingly), I have the chorus memorized:

Ain’t it just like God to deliver?
Ain’t it just like God to satisfy?
And it is so much like Him to meet our every need.
Ain’t it just like Him to supply?

I had a trying weekend. I spent it with my family, who I love dearly, but we all traveled together and by the time our Sunday activites were over, I was exhausted. When added together with the trying week I had at work last week, by this morning I was a wreck emotionally. Honestly? I spent the majority of the morning fighting back tears, and the remainder of the time letting them fall.

My sweet father sent an email to me mid-morning in which he told me that he was praying that something would happen today that would be an encouragement to me. And “Ain’t it just like God?”, something did happen. After I returned from lunch, I picked up a phone that I don’t usually answer. The person was away from their desk and so I answered their phone to take a message. The person on the other end was a very sweet lady that attends the church. Somehow she knew that things weren’t right with me and so she asked. I started to cry all over again. She told me to report to her office immediately, and so I did. Would you believe that after 20 minutes in her office, I was encouraged? She listened to my hurts, gave me a little advice, and said a beautiful prayer. And by the time I returned to my desk, I felt better. In fact, I was bordering on fantastic! (Not quite there yet, by the way, but on the road to that place!)

I said all of that because I want to pass a little encouragement on to others. Isn’t that the way it works?

I’ve found myself a little discouraged lately and I have let it affect my life. I think of myself as a pretty positive person most of the time. I prefer to see the “silver lining” and the “light at the end of the tunnel”. However, because of the nature of my personality (Amy can confirm what I’m about to say), when I’m down, I am down. I can fake it with most people and pretend I’m happy, but there are those who see right through me. (And thank goodness for those people. If it weren’t for them, no one would ever really know how I was feeling. I keep it hidden pretty well.)

However, after talking with my friend, I was reminded of the goodness of God. I was reminded of His sovereignty. I was reminded that He does have a plan for my life. I was reminded that He does meet my every need. He does satisfy. He does deliver. He does supply. I was reminded that no matter how discouraged I may feel; God is greater than my discouragement. God is stronger than my storm. He is “too wise to be mistaken, too good to be unkind”. And not matter what He loves me unconditionally, and that is enough for me!

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