Anyone Know Where I Can Borrow A Camel?

I fell in a hole last night. It wasn’t a big hole, but it was a hole. I was carrying my nephew and I took a step onto what I thought was a manhole cover. Turns out, it wasn’t. Anyway, my right leg went straight down into the hole, forcing me to land sitting on the edge of the hole with one foot in and one out. My nephew was completely unharmed, having been on my left hip. The good news is that I stood up, dusted myself off, and picked my nephew right back up and started down the hill again, with only a few scrapes on my foot. (The second trip was more successful!)

I found this comical because last week I was informed by my mother and sister-in-law that I am a wild driver. It would seem that all of this time they’ve been keeping this fact from me. (Never mind that when the three of us travel together, neither of them ever wants to drive and both prefer that I do all the driving. Guess I’m not terrible enough for them to avoid letting me drive, but just enough for them to make sarcastic comments for hours on end at my expense.)

So, the combination of these incidents (and the fact that I constantly trip over invisible rocks on the ground, right Katie?) has caused me to consider new modes of transportation.

So, I’m thinking a camel . . . . Because of the water thing, we could go long distances without having to stop. They are “beasts of burden”, so they should be able to carry me and my luggage on long trips. Plus, I think he’s kind of cute!

Do you need a special driver’s license to drive a camel in the US?

3 thoughts on “Anyone Know Where I Can Borrow A Camel?

  1. Katie says:

    Such a great idea. Did you see the story of the Weeping Camel? It was pretty interesting. Though I hope you don’t take up the bedouin life also. And those stupid invisible rocks show up everywhere. Its not your fault.If it makes you feel any better my family used to call me “Crash”. I was in six accidents between the ages of 16 and 21! So sad… I’ve obviously made it quite a few years since those accident free but no one seems to remember this.

  2. Coley says:

    I have not even heard of the Weeping Camel. Was it on TV?And you don’t have to worry about me taking up the bedouin lifestyle. I’m too much of a social butterfly for that!My family is still making fun of my terrible driving! Plus, I’ve been informed by my visitor that’s coming in tomorrow that I will not be driving during the next week!Hope I don’t forget how!

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