Poor Silvy Has Been Confused Ever Since . . .

As you may have read by now, I’ve recently discovered that I am not a good driver. So, last week, when Stan was visiting, I just handed the car keys over to him for the week. I have a silver Ford Focus, which I brilliantly named Silvy (I told y’all I wasn’t that creative) the day I brought her home. Anyway, Stan took very good care of her. He washed her windshield when we stopped for gas. He remembered to take her out of overdrive on steep inclines. He even tried to make me understand why it is important to use the emergency brake for her safety. Needless to say, Silvy is missing Stan a lot these days (as am I), and hasn’t spoken to me since I dropped him off at the airport last weekend.

Maybe she’d forgive me if I suggested a drive to Oregon!?!

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