"Just My Bill"

Yesterday, I reluctantly went inside the Salvation Army store with my parents. I generally like resale and consignment places because there’s often a chance to find a rare book or record. However, yesterday I had an agenda in mind that did not include the Salvation Army.

Isn’t it funny how quickly things turn around?

I was searching through the books when Dad came looking for me. He told me that the back of the store had a record section and the records were $.50 each. So, guess what I did? I abandoned all of the books for a chance to find a rare record.

I searched through the most disorganized pile of records I’ve ever seen and when the quest was finished I walked away with (Get ready for this, Jai) a copy of Showboat!!! How excited was I!?! Well, I’ll tell you, after months of searching, I have finally found a reliable copy of one of my favorite songs, “Bill“.

This song is about a somewhat mediocre man named Bill. It leaves a lot to be desired for us girls who are out there searching for Mr. Wonderful. It gives the false idea that we will have to settle for less than what we want. It isn’t true, by any stretch. My life is living proof of that!

However, there is one element of this song that I adore, and that serves to make it one of my favorite show tunes.

I love him
Because he’s wonderful,
Because he’s just my Bill.

So, now I own it, and just in time, too, because I’m sure you all know (if you’ve read the other blog) that I do believe I’ve finally found my own personal “Bill” that I’ve been searching (read: waiting) for all of my life! (And he is, ahem, not mediocre in the least!)

4 thoughts on “"Just My Bill"

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    Nor is he hypothetical. 🙂 So excited for you (about the record, I mean)! Not that I’m not excited about your “Bill,” but the record is more of a surprise. What cast is it? Movie? Broadway? What year? I simply ADORE <>Showboat<>.

  2. Coley says:

    Jana, Stan’s right. You still have a “link” with Zrharc!I changed the blog link list to “Literary Links” because I thought it might be a fun change.Everyone is still linked on < HREF="http://lessseriousthantheother.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">Less Serious<>.I kept Stan’s blogs linked because . . . (well, you know <>exactly<> why I kept his blogs linked.)

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