They’ve Done It Again

Oh my gosh, Pringles Corporation . . . ENOUGH ALREADY!

In case you are having trouble reading those, the new flavors are Adobadas and Chipotle Limon.

(Um, does anyone know what an “adobada” is?)

7 thoughts on “They’ve Done It Again

  1. Amy says:

    “Adobada, literally Spanish for “marinated”, is a dish common in Salvadoran cuisine similar to tacos. Adobada is generally pork marinated in a “red” chili sauce with vinegar and oregano, but can refer to different types of meat, and to marinates closer to Al pastor. It is generally served on small, pliable maize tortilla along with sauteed vegeatables and cheese.” – source

  2. Coley says:

    Wow, thanks Amy! The dish actually sounds amazing, but I doubt I’ll be trying the chips.I think that Pringles needs to come up with a sampler pack, which has all of their flavors (because there are SO many now). That way, you aren’t buying an entire canister of one flavor that might be disgusting.

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