The Best News!!!!

On Monday, July 31st, Stan Kost asked me to marry him.

I said YES!

Our big day is going to be on October 21, 2006, and we’re so excited!

And, big shock, we’ve created a wedding blog.

6 thoughts on “The Best News!!!!

  1. Emily says:

    congratulations! I don’t know you, happened upon your blog and stan’s through meagan…who I also don’t really know… anyway, congrats again! I’m also getting married October 21st! it’s a great day! If you need a good book, try “Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot” from Relevant books. The lady is the managing editor of Relevant magazine and gives you lots of good tricks for doing a wedding that is both beautiful and not going to kill you money-wise!

  2. Coley says:

    Thanks, Jami!Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the tip. Stan and I are definitely looking for ways to have a nice, inexpensive wedding!And Congratulations to you, too!

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