I’d Like to Introduce . . .

. . . the most amazing bookstore in the universe! And no, I am NOT talking about the famed Barnes & Noble. This is much better! Yes, my friends, you read that sentence right, I said, much better!!!! It’s a little independent bookstore in Portland called Powells. And by little, I mean “not as well known”, because this place it certainly not little, by any definition!

Powells is paradise. The building that houses this utopia of literature is five stories high and takes up an entire city block. It is now literally my favorite place in the world! Stan and I spent a few hours there, during which time I picked up the following:

The Pre-Raphaelites and Their Circle

The Seven Lamps of Architecture, by John Ruskin

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

The Best American Poetry, 1993

FYI-for the literary-challenged: Two of the above titles are books I have been trying to find for a very long time. I did not have to special order these from Powells. The were just on the shelf, waiting for me.

The only bad news in this post is that now my once beloved Barnes and Noble does not hold the same wonder and awe for me. It is now simply second best. It is the store that gets me by until my next visit to Portland.

**Sigh** I love you, Powells Books!

2 thoughts on “I’d Like to Introduce . . .

  1. Mark Short says:

    My week is now complete… You have found heaven so you really won’t have to go to the literal one when you die. Ha… I also am very disappointed that there has been absolutely NO MENTION of the newest member of the DAVIS clan. Come on AUNT COCO, you’re losing it….

  2. Jana Swartwood says:

    Looks like Mark’s being mean again. 🙂Even if B&N doesn’t beat out Powell’s, you have to admit that any bookstore in the universe, no matter how big or small or cliche or specialized, is a happier place than pretty much any other place on earth.Books. Sigh. I would marry books if it wouldn’t be so weird. 🙂

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