At Least Robyn Will Appreciate This One

I made a discovery about myself a few weeks ago. I discovered that I don’t love McDonald’s because they have great french fries, or the best fast food hamburger in the nation. No, I love McDonald’s because they have the best ketchup I’ve ever tasted! That’s right, I eat there for the ketchup. Stan thinks I’m crazy. And just in case you’d like to tell me that all ketchup is the same, I’ll have to argue. It says right on the package that it is “Made in the U.S.A. by exclusive use for McDonald’s Restaurants.” So, there it is. McDonald’s makes their own ketchup. And no one else’s ketchup recipe even comes close, in my estimation! Oh, how I wish McDonald’s would market their ketchup to sell in my local grocery store. I would SO buy it! On a related note, you can now buy personalized ketchup bottles from Heinz. I just love ketchup!

16 thoughts on “At Least Robyn Will Appreciate This One

  1. Jami Leigh says:

    While I’m not sure McDonalds has the best fast food hamburger in the nation I do agree that their ketchup is unique and possibly superiour. Possibly. AnyWho I now know what to get you as a wedding gift. Packages of Micky D’s ketchup.

  2. Amy says:

    Ketchup from Micky D’s for my pal Nicky D…Gasp… Soon I won’t be able to call you that anymore. Drat. I blame Dinglemunch. 😉P.S. Best fast food hamburger? I think not. Flashbacks – forced McDonald’s meals on countless trips to camp… Oh the horror.

  3. Jana Swartwood says:

    I both agree and disagree. I do think that McD’s packaged ketchup is quite good. However, I am vehemently NOT a fan of McD’s ketchup in those big vats where you have to push the lever to squirt ketchup into a little paper container. For one, I always seem to get ones that spatter all over when you try to use them. And it often tastes like it’s been sitting out there a little too long.

  4. Joel says:

    Why would you need to buy it?Just go with a few friends, and continue to go up one at a time and ask for more. The fry guy will usually hand over five or six at a time; just watch out for a manager;-)

  5. rindy says:

    funny how something like ketchup can evoke such vivid memories. you and me walking to the library after school but stopping at Andy’s first for a snack….your tray LOADED with ketchup. *laugh* some things never change, eh?!

  6. Robyn says:

    YES! Ketchup is The Best Condiment! Second only to sour cream.One of my favorite ketchups is the bottled variety in Honduras. It’s very sweet – when we went there in 2000, we brought back like 20 bottles!

  7. Coley says:

    Jami, I would love packages of Micky D’s ketchup. You know, Stan told me recently that, “It’s cute, but did you know that you say MacDonald’s instead of McDonald’s?”

    Amy, you can still call me Nicky D if you want. Although, you’re the ONLY one that can! Bev, my sarcastic sister-in-law, plans to call me Nik Nak since my new initials will be N.A.K.

    Jai, I definitely prefer the packets over the vat. I have some packets in the glove box of our car, just in case of a ketchup emergency!

    Joel, HA! That is a great idea! So, when do you and Amy want to meet Stan and I for a McDonald’s burger? We’ll clean them out of ketchup!

    Rindy, I had forgotten all about that! I’m so glad you remembered! It brought back wonderful memories of Andy’s and the library after school! We had some good times then, didn’t we? I miss you! Come see me!

    Stan, that is a fabulous idea! I’m looking up the McDonald’s food supplier on the internet as soon as I finish this comment! Maybe I can order their ketchup direct!

    Robyn, 2nd to sour cream? 2ND???? I remember a little girl who would soak her French fries with ketchup and lick it off until the fries were so soggy and limp that they were undistinguishable as fries. It was pretty gross, come to think of it. Maybe it’s a good thing that ketchup is second now! 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    I don’t know, Jami. I kind of treat shredded cheese as a condiment. And salsa has a special place in my heart… but you’re right, Sour Cream is wonderful.

  9. Jana Swartwood says:

    Can cheese really be considered a condiment? It seems to me that a substance has to be spreadable in order to be a condiment. Now spray cheese in a can: ok. But I’m not sure about shredded cheese.I think we’ve forgotten barbecue sauce in this discussion. And good ranch dressing. Yum!

  10. Coley says:

    The debate of whether or not shredded cheese is a condiment is all a matter of interpretation. Webester’s defines a condiment as: something used to enhance the flavor of food; especially : a pungent seasoning. So, if you consider shredded cheese to be something that enhances the flavor of food, then it is a condiment. I think it enhances a lot of different foods, so, I say, condiment.And Amy, of course! Salsa is my favorite condiment! I love salsa! I’m not a barbeque fan, but good ranch dressing is an excellent condiment, Jai! And haven’t we forgotten honey mustard? Yum!

  11. Coley says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but Wikipedia gives a more in-depth explanation of “condiment“. Shredded cheese is not listed in the examples, but sauerkraut is, and I definitely would have never thought of that as a condiment. You be the judge!

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