Crazy, Silly Blog

I decided to add buttons for Stan’s links last night. So, I copied them over from his blog and deleted what I had there. Do you see what has happened? There is a diamond above every button. Now, there were diamonds there before when it was just words, but I thought that when I copied his format, they would go away and it would look more like it does here. As you can see, my blog doesn’t look like that. So, I asked Stan to help. He spent a good while working on it, and he found a way to make the diamonds go away, but then there is a huge space between each button. When he tried to make the space between each button go away, it squished all of my other links together. So, now my blog looks crazy and silly and I don’t know how to fix it. (Amy, I know you’re very busy right now, but HELP!) Anyway, I’m posting this to say, please excuse the mess, but maintenance is in progress. I hope to have it fixed soon!

***UPDATED*** 8:03 P.M. Thanks to Amy and Stan, it now looks much better! It’s awesome to have people in my life that are smarter than me!

One thought on “Crazy, Silly Blog

  1. Amy says:

    Ok… this would be easier to fix if you’d just send me your login info… It has to do with your CSS. and the li tag.If you take out the [li] tags and just put a [br] tag at the end of each image it should work…remember [ actually = < but they won't let me put those in the comment section.I’ll email you.

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