As mentioned earlier, we woke up to snow today. Since about 10:00 this morning, we have basically had constant freezing rain falling. It’s crazy. The universities have closed, so I know it must be bad. ORU doesn’t close for anything, but apparently they are closed today.

I just came across an article on The Weather Channel website. It’s entitled Missouri Misery. I haven’t read it because the title makes me mad. I used to call Missouri, Misery, before I lived here. It was something I did to tease my Missouri friends. See that? Missouri friends. Couldn’t The Weather Channel be a little more professional? Not everyone thinks that this weather is miserable. I rather enjoy it, in fact. I have been happier today than every other day this week because of the fun winter weather!

And that cute play on words, “Missouri Misery”, is old. I’ve been saying that since I was 8. Since I was 8. That was about 20 years ago! Please, be a little more creative, people! Don’t use the same old, tired jokes that people have been using for years. Originality sells! Impress me with your creative wit!

One thought on “Seriously?

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    We got about 10 inches here yesterday (on top of the ice we got the night before). Pretty much everything is closed again. It’s lovely to look outside, and it’s great fun to not be at work. Of course, it’s a little boring, too. Thankfully I’ve got two papers to write (and now I actually have time to work on them)!

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