It’s Icy

Stan and I were excused from work today because of the ice storm. It seems that there is no electricity at our offices, which means that there is also none at our home. So, we spent the night at my brother’s house. We still have no power today, but Stan and I managed to make it to Panera to spend some time on the internet. I’ve even heard rumors that we won’t be able to work tomorrow.

Fortunately, my brother’s house is in a good location, so hopefully we won’t lose power there.

And . . . we don’t have it nearly as bad as they do in Oklahoma. Both Oklahoma and Missouri have declared a state of emergency for all of their counties.

The sun was out for a little while today, so some of the ice and snow is starting to melt, but still no power as far as we know.

We’ll keep y’all posted!

2 thoughts on “It’s Icy

  1. Emily says:

    yikes! I’ve wondered about you guys with all the weather sweeping through. I don’t know whether to tell ou i hope you’re able to get back to work soon…or just pretend you’re on your second honeymoon!

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