Does Graceland have its own postal code?

Stan and I are going to Memphis this weekend. I’m so excited. I’ve never been east of the Mississippi. (Well, except for that trip to Baton Rough a few years ago, but that doesn’t really count.) I feel like I’ve betrayed my Southern roots. True, Arkansas and Texas were part of the Confederacy during the Civil war, so my southerness is valid. Still, I feel that because I’ve never crossed over the Mighty Mississippi, that somehow it makes me less Southern. I intend to remedy that on Friday. And since I’ll be with my “let’s explore that back-road” husband, instead of my “get there as fast as we can” friend, I’ll be able to stop along the river at some point and take pictures to prove that I was there!

By the way, does anybody know the Tennessee state song? I need something to sing when I cross the state line. (In case you’re wondering . . . yes, I did sing all of “Oklahoma!” when we went to Tulsa a couple of weeks ago.)

7 thoughts on “Does Graceland have its own postal code?

  1. Jami Leigh says:

    I bet it was a beautiful rendition. Here’s the tune to “Tennessee” Listen to it here: Tennessee Written by Vivian Rorie
    “I do not know of another state Where I had rather be
    Than this great state I’m living in
    And that is Tennessee.
    I love the stars dearly
    And there are surely three
    That show the Grand Division
    Of my home-land, Tennessee.
    Where could you find a meadow
    With grass so vividly green?
    Where could you find the mountains
    With such majestic scene?
    You will never find so bright a moon
    To shine down from above
    You will also see the robin
    The wren, and the turtle dove.
    And don’t forget the rivers
    Where visitors long to stay.
    And many have voice in parting,’
    I’m sure glad I passed this way.’
    You will see the cattle grazing
    Beside a cotton field;
    And there’s the Grand Ole Opry
    And a feeling it’s all God’s will.
    I have lived here all my life
    It’s where I’m going to be
    Although I’ve traveled quite a bit,
    I’ll still take Tennessee!
    Oh, I sure love the state I’m in:
    The great state of Tennessee!”

  2. Joshua P. says:

    Hi Aunt Coley, Can we go to your church tomorrow and play? Stan can play with us too. But mom says you live too far. But you could come to our house and play. I love you Aunt Cole, have a happy day.

  3. meagan says:

    Ohhhhhh and you’re going to visit Katie, right?!? I so wish I could meet you all. Hopefully SOMEDAY you’ll come to Portland again and I’ll be there!love meagan

  4. Coley says:

    We are going to visit Katie. We’re so excited. Neither of us have ever been to Tennessee. So, awesome!Meagan, we actually are going to be in Portland next month. We’re coming in on March 10th, and we’ll be there until the 18th.

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