I should have known that it would be a musician’s dream!

As posted a couple of days ago, Stan and I are headed to Memphis tomorrow.

In my post, I asked if anyone knew the state song of Tennessee, so that I could sing it when we cross the state line. (I’ve determined to learn a song for every state so that I can sing it when I cross the border!)

Anyway, Jami directed me to a song called simply “Tennessee.” I decided that I would like to see if there were any other songs about Tennessee that I could sing. After all, when I cross over into Texas, I don’t sing the Texas state song. Instead, I sing my favorite Texas song, entitled “Texas,” from the original musical. So, I just wanted to explore my options.

I visited a few websites, and quickly discovered that Tennessee has not one, but five state songs! I shouldn’t have been surprised that the state that is home to so many musicians would have anything less.

Among the five state songs of Tennessee, I found one that I already knew, believe it or not. A little song called “Rocky Top.”

My two best friends from Arkansas, Allison and Rindy, and myself used to have a clogging routine to “Rocky Top.”

So, YAY! I have a song to sing when I cross the border!

Although, I just don’t know what I’ll do if we happen to cross over into Kentucky.

2 thoughts on “I should have known that it would be a musician’s dream!

  1. rindy says:

    Wow, I just had a vision of us clogging to good ole’ Rocky Top in the Texarkana mall. Yikes! Did we really do that or was it just a bad dream?? Hope you guys have a great time.

  2. Coley says:

    Oh yes, Rindy, we really did that! Worse than that, we made costumes for ourselves with that crazy T-shirt paint, too! Remember those neon shorts?We had a great time in Tennessee, until that big storm hit Saturday night. After that, we headed north. We did hit Kentucky and Illinois today, though. I’ll blog all about it later.

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