Six Months

I was telling Stan recently that it doesn’t feel like we’ve only been married 6 months, but we have. Today is our 6 monthiversary. To celebrate, we spent the day at Silver Dollar City with the family, then had dinner by ourselves at Chili’s. (I know, Chili’s isn’t the most romantic restaurant on Earth, but it is the first restaurant we ever ate at together.)

Anyway, it was a good day. Better than that, it has been a fantastic 6 months!

(In case you’re wondering, the monthiversary stuff will stop after our first full year.)

Happy 6 Monthiversary, Stan!

2 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. Emily says:

    happy six months! Tim and I weren’t even in the same city, but we’re celebrating that and my birthday this weekend in Chicago! marriage is wonderful, especially when you get to just be with the one you love!

  2. Jami Leigh says:

    Congrats Congrats, I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months.Next week will mark Kurt and my 142nd monthiversery. No plans to celebrate but I can say I love him more today than I did 142 months ago.😉

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