1 Thousand Islands

I think it’s funny when people abbreviate Thousand Island dressing as 1000 Island. First of all, when I see the number 1000, I automatically want to say one thousand, instead of just thousand. Secondly, if I did happen to not say one thousand, I would probably say a thousand. So, when I see “1000 Island” dressing, it looks to me like either “One Thousand Island” dressing or “A Thousand Island” dressing, neither of which is correct in my mind.

I did check and according to Wikipedia, it is simply Thousand Island Dressing. Unfortunately, since the origin of the dressing is so unclear, it is also unclear why they chose the name Thousand Island.

Wikipedia also says that in Hong Kong, they sometimes use Thousand Island dressing instead of pizza sauce. (Want me to try that next time I make pizza, Stan?)

I started thinking about this while looking at a menu for a local pizza place that has excellent salads, and, of course, one of their dressing options is “1000 Island.”

*Incidentally, since typing a thousand words for a post topic of this nature seemed ridiculous, I instead decided to make certain there were exactly a thousand characters, excluding spaces, and title. (Are you counting them now?)

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