Where do you go?

I have always believed that everyone should have a haven. Everyone needs a place that is always there, always the same, always familiar, always peaceful. I have a place like that. Some of you have been there. It is a beautiful place I call simply “camp”.

This year marks the 40th year of the Wyandotte Tri-State Full Gospel Youth Camp.

Everyone should have a haven. Camp has been mine. For many years, I have had wonderful experiences at camp that have been life-changing. The people that have been part of this place are people that are not just fellow campers, but they are family. They are the people that I know I can depend on no matter what may come.

Only the Lord knows the exact number of men and women that have passed through those rusty gates. More importantly, only the Lord knows the exact number of lives that have been forever changed by the ministry of this camp. But occasionally we meet them; in shopping malls, on airplanes, in foreign countries, in the most unexpected places; they turn up, recognizing a familiar face that causes their memory to be refreshed of those wonderful times they spent there.

And oh, those altars . . . I have tears in my eyes at the thought of them . . . . Only eternity will reveal the many hours of prayer that those wooden altars have seen and how many lives were touched by the hand of God on that concrete tabernacle floor.

As I mentioned earlier, this summer marks the 40th summer of the Wyandotte Tri-State Full Gospel Youth Camp, and we want to celebrate. It is going to be a very special year. I can hardly wait!


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