Good Thing I’m Not Allergic

Nothing should automatically come with onions, unless it has the word “onion” in the title. (i.e., French Onion Soup, Onion Soup Hamburger, Onion Pot Pie.)

I’m learning that sometimes, no matter how many times you might say, “No onions on that please,” people still put onions on or in it. There are two ways this is usually handled: (1) You ask for no onions, they put onions on the item anyway. (2) You ask for no onions, they put the onions on anyway and when you remind them that you said, “no onions” they just take the onions off or out of the food, usually leaving behind either the “essence” of onion or a few strays that were too small for their gloved hands to pick up, or both.

Restaurants could solve the problem completely if they started adding onions by request only. I would venture to guess that onions are the one item customers ask to have removed the most. Mexican-type restaurants are the worst at this. They put onions inside of food that isn’t so easy to pick them out of, like burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. (I’m talking about you, Taco Bell, and your delicious bean burritos that I have to always ask them to not put onions on.) I hate to bite into a food that is supposed to be soft (like bean burritos or spaghetti) only to feel the “crunch, crunch” of a stray onion. Blech! It makes me sick just thinking about it. This is why I buy Prego spaghetti sauce. They use onion powder instead of dehydrated onions like some of the <other guys. All of the flavor, none of the crunch, crunch. This is also why Stan and I try to always visit the same Taco Bell. They know us and know that I will bring my food back if they put onions on my burrito!

In summary, onions should never be automatic. Just leave them off. Trust me, if I decide I want them, I’ll ask for them to be added. (But I probably won’t decide I want them.) You know, restaurants . . . of the world . . . you might save some money. Didn’t some airline save, like a bazillion dollars by removing one olive from each salad they serve on their in-flight meals? Just imagine how much you could save on onions every year!! Your CEO could buy a villa in France with that kind of cash!

7 thoughts on “Good Thing I’m Not Allergic

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    Ditto, Nicole! But it’s not just onions. B and I were recently at Peppers and ordered nachos specifically without jalapenos. What did we get? That’s right, we got jalapenos. When we sent it back, they waited a few minutes and then sent the nachos back to us, and it was so obvious that all they had done was pick them off. We could have picked them off ourselves! What we could not remove, however, was the strong taste of jalapeno that dominated the nachos. Oy, people!

  2. Coley says:

    Amy Jo, while I do like sauteed onions, they can still be crunchy. It is really hard to cook down an onion to be as soft as other vegetables.I will admit, I do love fajitas with lots of caramelized onions!

  3. Coley says:

    Jai, I’m with you. I love me some jalapenos, but they, like the onion, leave behind a dreadful essence, and if you don’t like them, simply taking them off doesn’t take away the flavor.Why do restaurants not understand this?Oh, wait, they understand, they just have lazy staff members. What if you were allergic to jalapenos? The juice would have still made you have a reaction.THINK, PEOPLE!

  4. Emily says:

    Boo Onions! 🙂and on an unrelated note – your description under your blog title scares me, too! Sometimes I wonder how people become English professors, having lived through some HORRIBLE ones!

  5. Coley says:

    Em, yeah, that made me a little nervous. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I guess I’ll just have to see how the semester goes.

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