"You can look around and see in TEXAS!"

I just read this on the Amarillo, Texas Wikipedia page:

In the Palo Duro Canyon’s amphitheatre, an outdoor musical called Texas plays nightly during the summer. The musical depicts a story about the history of Texas Panhandle settlers throughout the years. In 2002, the producers changed its name to Texas Legacies after retiring the previous script that was used for 37-years for a more historically accurate one but they decided to revert back to the original script due to declining attendance in 2006.

No one that knows me will be that shocked to find out that I cried when I read the article confirming this in the Amarillo-Globe News! They’re bringing back MY TEXAS! I now want to make a trip out just to see the musical! According to the article I read, they have cut down some of the original script, but at least they realized that the original script is worth keeping!

We invite you all to come to Texas!
We expect you all to come to Texas!
If you feel inclined to roam, or you’ve got to run from home,
you will find a friendly place in Texas!

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