What a Fantastic Idea!

Literary TV Programs Yet to Be Produced

I don’t know that I’d used these exact ideas, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they produced a TV show about a classic author, like, I don’t know . . . Jane Austen or maybe even William Shakespeare? Although, I think it would have to be done by the BBC or A&E if they expected it to be a success. It would probably only appeal to people like Jana and myself. Still, I would love to see more television and movies made that were based in classic literature. I’m tired of walking down the aisle at Blockbuster and only seeing horror movies and (gasp!) predictable romantic comedies on the shelf. I want to watch something with a little more depth.

Oh well, it’s a nice idea, but it will probably never be done. I guess I’ll just have to watch Pride and Prejudice again. Can you tell that I’m so sad about that?

4 thoughts on “What a Fantastic Idea!

  1. Jami Leigh says:

    I watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday morning while I was doing laundry. Believe it or not I first read the book in November the weekend we came to see you guys. The movie is now on my DVR and has been viewed many a time, I love it.

  2. Jana Swartwood says:

    You know, most of the shows on list don’t seem all that interesting anyway. I would much rather see them come out with a Thursday Next television series. How awesome would that be?As for P&P, there’s nothing else to say, because it is wonderful and beautiful, and I don’t think anything can top it.

  3. Coley says:

    Jai, I didn’t think that list was that interesting either, but I thought the concept was fantastic!Oh my gosh! A Thursday Next television series is a fabulous idea. Although, I’ve heard that Fforde has reservations about putting TN in film, so I can imagine that he is even more skeptical about TV.

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