Wyandotte Tri-State Full Gospel Youth Camp!

5 thoughts on “Wyandotte Tri-State Full Gospel Youth Camp!

  1. Mark Short says:

    For someone that loves our camp as much as YOU SAY YOU DO, you sure blew it off last year. And exactly when were you coming up to help us get ready? Being as you live in the area I just knew you’d come help get the camp ready this year. Guess not… But I know YOU LOVE CAMP… No singing for you this year…. Ha….

  2. Coley says:

    Well, if it isn’t Mark, the absentee blogger. What’s the deal? You don’t blog for 4 months, then show up to make smarty comments . . . sounds about right.You know, I would love to come help you work on Tuesdays. Unfortunately, I have a job that won’t let me off. I barely got off for camp this year.

  3. Mark Short says:

    Can you say SATURDAYS… And how about your Dad. He hasn’t blogged since Jesus came the first time. And no one ever commented on by last blog so I figured no one was reading them or cared anyway. Camp doesn’t matter to you anymore anyway, you proved that last year.Camp is nothing but a faded memory for you now….

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