Closed Captioned . . . (Part 2)

At the end of February last year, I posted about my crash course in sign language. It began out of necessity, and a desire to learn. It has grown into a passion, and a hunger to learn more.

In the fourth grade we had a music teacher whose name escapes me. She was one of my favorite teachers. She taught us a few basic signs to use when singing some of our songs. From that point forward, I wanted to learn sign. Unfortunately, we didn’t live in a community that had a lot of deaf people. As the years passed, I picked up a few signs here and there, but still could not have communicated with a deaf person any better than I could with Spanish speaking people.

Now, my life has changed. I have learned sign out of necessity and am to the place where I can interpret sermons at church with just a few mistakes. Have I mentioned that I love it that I can now sign basically what I have just typed above almost as well as I could speak it?

I have decided to start taking courses at my local university to help me become more fluent, and I have searched out many excellent resources on the internet. I love sign, and I am truly hungering to learn all that I can about this beautiful language.

3 thoughts on “Closed Captioned . . . (Part 2)

  1. Coley says:

    Emily, you really should. I found out today that the combined deaf of the world make up the 4th largest unreached people group. It is an unbelievable statistic that breaks my heart. I have found that just like any language, the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in it. Learning out of necessity has been my greatest teacher.

  2. Amy says:

    I took a class at Evangel taught by a Deaf student teaching the course as her practicum. It was a full immersion course. No interpreter. Just one amazing talented Deaf communicator and a classroom full of students her loved her. We went on a couple field trips, had countless impressive speakers and even had a Christmas party at her house and a class picture taken… not your average college language class. My teacher’s name is Jane Ross. If you can ever take a class with her. Do it. Her and her husband are teaching ASL at

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