On Band-Aids and Wedding Bands

This week marks the first time that I’ve gone any significant length of time without wearing my wedding ring. Last week, at camp, I developed a rash on my ring finger that was irritated by the continued wearing of my beloved ring. I was told that the rash was created by moisture getting trapped under the ring, and because of the extreme heat and humidity, it was unable to dry completely. Whatever the reason, the ring has come off for a few days for my finger to heal. Furthermore, I discovered that the diamond is a little loose. Reluctantly, I sent the ring to the jeweler to see if it could be secured a little better.

Stan is not wearing his ring today either, for the same reason I initially took mine off. Under the ring, his skin is red and dry, also probably a product of moisture trapping.

So, this morning on our break at work, we both were sporting band-aids (with ointment underneath) on our ring fingers. Not the most expensive wedding bands, but certainly the most interchangeable.

2 thoughts on “On Band-Aids and Wedding Bands

  1. Emily says:

    i’m sorry! I have only not worn my actual wedding band for very short periods of time and can tell when it’s missing. i hope you heal and it gets fixed soon!

  2. Coley says:

    I thought you might understand, Emily. Actually, I just got the ring back about half an hour ago. It is beautiful. They really did a fantastic job! I’m still not totally healed, but I miss wearing my ring so it is on!

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