The Raging Debate Continues

Yahoo! vs. Gmail . . .

I’ve been contemplating my email accounts. I have too many. I have accounts with Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN, and Suddenlink, not to mention my work and school accounts. Added all up, there are way too many. It isn’t so bad to have so many Gmail accounts, because Gmail gives you the option sync with Outlook. Yahoo doesn’t. On the other hand, my mobile has a Yahoo! application pre-installed that allows me to check my email anytime, anyplace. The Gmail application that I had to install on my phone myself is not compatible with my phone model.

So, the dilemma rages. What account do I keep? What account do I forsake? Of course, I have to keep my work and school accounts. Still, it would seem that there should be some factor that will sell me out to one company over the other. Any thoughts? (I know you have some.)

I’m leaning more and more towards Gmail, because I can still check my account from my phone. I just don’t have a cool application that is easier to use than the mobile webpage.

For now, I’m keeping them all, but maybe not for long. Don’t be surprised if you get an email one day that asks you to update your address books to something else!

3 thoughts on “The Raging Debate Continues

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    I don’t know about Yahoo vs. Gmail, but you could always set your other accounts to forward into the one you really want to check. That way, you’re getting your mail from the random accounts without having to check all of them manually.

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