I Love Google Reader!!!!

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to try some type of RSS feed reader. I was getting tired of visiting my friend’s blogs only to find that they still hadn’t updated after several days. I love visiting your blogs, my friends, don’t get me wrong. Still, clicking on every single blog takes time. I have to wait for the page to load, then if there’s nothing new, I have to click back to my homepage and click on the next blog in the list. It just takes too long. Usually, I just want to glance and see if there is anything new, so I decided to try some type of blog reader. I opted for Google because I don’t know much about RSS feeds, and Google is pretty user friendly. I LOVE IT! I click on my reader link and instantly I’m transported to a page that lists all of my favorite blogs, and it also tells me what is new! Then, if I want to comment, I can just click on the blog link and head over to do so! It’s wonderful. This is going a very long way in the Yahoo! vs. Google debate. If you aren’t using Google reader, I recommend you give it a try. It really is cool!

5 thoughts on “I Love Google Reader!!!!

  1. Emily says:

    i’ve been using bloglines the past several weeks. it’s soo nice. i still click on non-updated blogs sometimes, just for the fun of it, but i love the quick glance at what’s new and subscribing to blogs that make me think without having to link them to my blog…

  2. Jana Swartwood says:

    Ha ha ha. Well, I’m about to start class on Monday, which means I’ll be busy with homework, which means I’ll have compelling urges to procrastinate, which (hopefully) means I’ll blog more. 🙂

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