Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is?

In a few days, I’ll be reading this.

The book was released on Tuesday, July 24th. I had every intention of going down to my local Books-a-Twelve to purchase it on the day it released. However, as I was working from home over the weekend before its release all that changed. My darling Stanley told me that he didn’t think I should buy the book on the day it came out. Shocked that he would deny me a book by my favorite new author, I thought that perhaps he’d gone mad. He hadn’t. He had pre-purchased it from the Powell’s bookstore branch in Beaverton, Oregon. And, as luck (or something greater than luck) would have it, Jasper Fforde was actually going to be at Literary Utopia on the 31st (that’s today!). And wonderful bookstore that they are . . . they will have Mr. Fforde sign my book before they ship it to me!

So, I have had to wait an additional week to receive my beloved Thursday Next novel. But on the bright side, it will have been signed by the man who created Thursday in the first place! I’m practically in tears just thinking about it!

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