I finished it. “It,” of course, being the new Thursday Next. I don’t know if you’ve read it yet, Emily, so no spoilers here. All I will say is it is awesome! It has more twists and turns, if possible, than the last 4 combined.

Have I mentioned that I love how Jasper Fforde has managed to keep each book of the series interesting and different? Usually in a series, you read the same story over and over, told 5 or 6 different ways. This is often the case in Christian Fiction romances. I recall with a cringe, how by the time I reached the 11th book of the House of Winslow series by Gilbert Morris, I realized that I had read this same story 10 times before, in the previous 10 books, only with different characters, and during a different period of history. I quit reading the series immediately, and have watched from the sidelines as Morris wrote over 40 books for the series. I imagine that it is the same story, 40th book by now. I have no idea what happened to make that one story so popular. Fforde, on the other hand, always brings a brand new story, while retaining a vague sense of familiarity. It is never the same story. The plot lines don’t even slightly resemble each other, and I’m always left wondering what surprises are lurking around the next corner. Fforde also realizes that you do not have to force a new romance into every single novel, unlike some writers. I don’t know how he does it! I can hardly wait for the next one!

5 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Coley says:

    I’m not surprised that you felt the same way, Jai. Honestly, the books were interesting historically. The first book wasn’t really that bad. They did make me take a second look at history. I was fascinated with that portion of the novels. I just got tired of the same romance over and over and over.

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