Maybe Next Time

The course I have been avoiding for the whole of my college career is Lifetime Wellness. It isn’t that I disagree with the teaching of the course. I do. Many people need the teaching it provides. I am likely one of those people.

I have avoided the course because I have no interest whatsoever in the subject matter. Yes, I want to be healthy. Yes, I want to be fit. No, I don’t want to endure classwork teaching me methods of wellness that I may never use. I don’t feel it is necessary for me to write four papers for a core curriculum class. I have to write three essays, one semester paper of conference quality, two essay exams, and weekly commentary on the required reading. All of that is just for my two English courses. Add to that the fact that I must write the aforementioned papers for Lifetime Wellness. And these aren’t just a one-page summary of the chapter. Oh no, he expects us to write a three to four page essay for each assignment. It is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever been required to accomplish for a core curriculum course!

So, I dropped it. When I’m a Senior, they’ll have to force add me into a section, and I’ll try to choose the one that I know will not require me to write so much.

In other news, Shakespeare and World Lit. are going to be amazing! I’ve started reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’ll begin Moliere’s Tartuffe soon.

I just love literature!

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