This is why I’m not so crazy about myspace.

I just saw this on my myspace bulletin board:

once you open this, You have ten minutes to repost with the ONE number that fits you best or you will be single for the next five years

1….. Single.
2….. Heartbroken.
3….. Single and loving it.
4….. Kinda want to tell someone you like them.
5….. Crushing.
6….. Like someone you can never have.
8….. Taken by the best girl/guy ever
9….. Missing her.
10….. Missing him.
11… Single but my heart is taken.
12….Like over 4 guys/girls.
13… Sick of getting hurt.
14… its watever dude
15… Confused.
16… Still love your ex.
17… Talkin to someone.
18… afraid to say i love you
19… I am just a power ranger!!
20… Slightly mad at the opposite sex.
21… I’m a fighter
22… Just don’t know what to do.
23… going to do a normal friday this friday
24…teenage mutant ninja turtle
25… happily takkenn &; loved! =]

repost this as im #;___

I opened it over 10 minutes ago. I’m not picking a number. I’m not reposting it on myspace. I’m only posting it here to mock it. Notice the spelling on some of these choices. I purposely left them in so that you could see them.

I hate this kind of crap.

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