When will it be enough?

**Incidentally, Doritos does the same thing.

You know, there was nothing wrong with Nacho Cheese (Note: not Cheesier) Doritos, nor was there anything wrong with Pringles Cheez Ums (now called plain old Cheddar Cheese . . . boring) that they needed to fix by creating all of these wacky new flavors.

4 thoughts on “When will it be enough?

  1. Amy says:

    The cheese fries Pringles are pretty good… oh and my children find great joy in trying the new flavors that come out. But Loaded Baked Potato remains their favorite.P.S. The sweet potato cinnamon pringles are pretty good… but they still have that essence of Pringle taste to them which is sad.

  2. Coley says:

    Okay, Amy Jo, you just lost me with the Sweet Potato Cinnamon Pringles. I can get on board with trying the new flavors, but Sweet Potato Cinnamon potato chips? Yuck!

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