Reading Challenges

Over the past few days, I have discovered that there are more book blogs than I can ever visit. I have also discovered that many of these book blogs have the occasional reading challenge. Because it is important for me to keep reading, I have decided to participate in one I’ve just found called Fall Into Reading 2007. It is not going to be easy to read the books I plan to list, along with my required reading for school, but I’m determined to finish a few novels and need the motivation to do so.

I just made a quick list of seven books that I’ve been trying to read and/or finish reading to no avail. I am hoping that having the motivation of knowing that may be other people checking in on me to see if I’m reading will help me stay up with the books.

My list, which has no theme other than the books I want to read, is as follows:

Little Women–I started reading this several years ago, but never finished it. I love the movie version and the soundtrack of the Broadway musical so much that I feel it is imperative that I read the novel.

Ivanhoe–I picked this up in junior high or high school and was hooked on the first page. I didn’t take the time to read much farther than that, and have always regretted that I didn’t.

Time Out of Joint–Stan and I picked up several science fiction books the last time we were in Portland, and this was among them. My new fascination with sci-fi helped me to decide that I should put something from that genre in the list.

The Pickwick Papers–I’m determined to find a book by Dickens that I truly enjoy. I want to love his writing. This is my latest attempt.

The Jane Austen Book Club–I felt I needed something contemporary in the list, and since I just received this in the mail, I decided it would be a good choice.

Villette–I loved Jane Eyre so much, and I have always wanted to read more of Charlotte Bronte’s works. I recently read a positive review of this one, so it made this list.

Book 7–We are going to Portland next week, and hope to have the time to visit Literary Utopia. While there, I would like to find a book by a random author I’ve never heard of and I will add that to this list.

I tried not to make my list too long, because, as I mentioned earlier, I do have some “light reading” to do for school (read: Shakespeare). However, I reserve the right to add to the list at any time. Please help me remember that I DO NOT reserve the right to take any books away from the list once they are added. I must be disciplined about the reading choices I make!

12 thoughts on “Reading Challenges

  1. Coley says:

    Emily, that is why I have one slot open. I’d like to really try to read at least one author I’ve never heard of before. The last time Stan and I were in Portland, I picked up a book by a writer named Jasper Fforde, someone I never knew existed until the moment I saw The Eyre Affair on the shelf. Well, you know how that turned out! I hope I’ll have similar luck when we visit Powell’s this next week!

  2. Coley says:

    Sarah, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep that idea in my mind. Stan liked it, I think.Honestly, I’m not making the decision about what my 7th book will be until after our trip to Powell’s, I mean, Portland.

  3. Coley says:

    Deena, I will definitely let you know what I think. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on both the book and movie, so I’m anxious to check it out for myself.

  4. Coley says:

    Katrina, I am really looking forward to the challenge! I love reading, but often I get lazy and just reread something I can skim through.I really want to broaden my literary knowledge by reading and finishing the books that I keep putting down for those “easy reads.”Thanks for issuing the challenge!

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