A Poem

I ran across this poem I wrote back when Stan and I were dating. I had forgotten all about it, but I thought I might share it now.

My inspiration was the photo from this post.

Memories of Green

It reminds me of something I cannot recall;
The rich color of green stirs a memory,
As it surrounds the glassy stillness,
That lingers in my mind’s eye.

The peaceful memory holds itself;
As something distant, yet near.
It beckons to my senses,
Leaving hints of longing behind.

Emotions remain, begging mercy
From the constant searching of my mind;
That I might rest in the peaceful green,
Without the struggle of remembering.

It seems the memory is one of many
That have merged together over time.
Forsaking dates, weeks, and years,
In exchange for the familiar feeling of home.

© 2007 Nicole Kost

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