A couple of Nephew stories:

Dad: Isn’t your Papa a great preacher?
E: No.
Dad: Then who is a great preacher?
E: I am.
Dad: So, what would you preach about?
E: God.

Very profound, E. Very profound.

And later that night, we asked him several questions about church that morning.

Q: What did you learn in Sunday school today?
E: Jesus died on the cross.
Q: And then did he raise from the dead?
E: Yes.
Q: Then where did he go?
E: To Nineveh.
Q: How did he get there?
E: He walked.
Q: Are you sure?
E: Yeah, and in a big fish.

So, I said, “E, I’m pretty sure that Jonah went to Nineveh in a big fish.”

He responded, “No, it was Jesus.”

He still knows more than most of the people I knew in Bible college.

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