Coffee, Again

I am addicted to caffeine again. I don’t really know how it happened

Oh, wait, yes I do.

It was a co-worker’s fault. She brought in some Land O’ Lakes Alpine White hot chocolate because she didn’t like it. I didn’t think I would like it either, until I got an inspiration. The inspiration was simply this: I love White Chocolate Mocha Cappuccinos. If I put Alpine White hot chocolate into my coffee, it will taste a little like a White Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino. And it did, or as close as I can get at work, anyway. Well, I was suddenly reminded that once upon a time I put some type of hot cocoa in my coffee almost every day. So, I bought some Nestle Double Chocolate Meltdown hot chocolate for the same reason.

Bottom line, I’m addicted to coffee again. So, Jai, you likely knew that the quitting coffee wouldn’t last (as it never does), and it didn’t. Oh well, I didn’t think it would last that long either. Fortunately, there is absolutely no law forbidding me from being a connoisseur of both great coffee and great tea!

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