Book Review: The Princess Bride

I have stayed up way too late finishing this novel.

I loved it.

My frame of reference was, of course, the movie. I fully expected one of two things to happen. I would either (1) be terribly disappointed in the movie once I had read the book and realized how much more amazing it was than the movie, or (2) be terribly disappointed in the book because it didn’t live up to the wonderful standards of the movie.

Neither happened.

I was disappointed in nothing. The movie follows the book very closely, and the book has a few added elements that make it a delightful read. Also, having read the book, I can say with confidence that the casting of the movie was excellent!

I really enjoyed Goldman’s writing style. First of all, the fact that he keeps talking about the text as thought it originally belonged to S. Morgenstern (a fictional Florinese author) is an amazing element. It allows Goldman to insert all of his own thoughts as the “editor.” Speaking of that . . . secondly, Goldman’s “inserted” thoughts. Goldman is constantly inserting commentary into the text: there is the parenthetical (This was after parentheses. Parentheses had been around for centuries by this time.) commentary, the italicized commentary– Now let me insert something here, what Goldman is doing is trying to give the reader the feel that he [the reader] is actually reading something written by someone other than Goldman himself, and that Goldman just comments occasionally for clarity. –it is a great effect, and the general “here’s what real life is like for me [Goldman], and here’s how it relates to ‘Morgenstern’s’ story” commentary.

To be honest, and I’m being brutally honest, I absolutely loved the book and at present can think of nothing negative to say about it.

I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars!

*Has anyone even noticed that my stars for the rating system are Nintendo stars? Stan did that for me!

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