Thoughts on Christmas Music

I love Christmas music and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it.

There are a number of people that don’t. I can understand. Really, I can. Shopping malls, television, and radio stations bombard us with the stuff beginning the day after Thanksgiving; and some don’t stop until after New Year’s Day. It can get old.

Still, I love Christmas music.

I still get tears in my eyes if I just think about the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” “O, Come All Ye Faithful” always gives me goosebumps.

So, last night I nearly turned the house upside down trying to find my Christmas music (which I had stupidly put in a separate place from all of the other music we own), and nearly drove Stanley nuts in the process.

I started listening to them right away. (Again, nearly driving Stanley nuts in the process.) I got emotional over Avalon’s “Angels Medley.” I insisted on hearing the beginning of “Go Tell” by The Martins. And nothing would do until I had heard at least part of the Gaither Vocal Band’s “Mary, Did You Know?”. I always cry when I hear the line, “This Child that you’ve delivered will soon deliver you.”

Yeah, I love Christmas music. I’m listening to some right now. In fact, it’s 4Him’s “Strange Way to Save the World,” a song I could listen to a hundred times in a row and never get tired of:

Sure he must have been surprised
At where this road had taken him
‘Cause never in a million lives
Would he had dreamed of Bethlehem
And standing at the manger
He saw with his own eyes
The message from the angel come to life
And Joseph said…

Why me, I’m just a simple man of trade
Why Him, with all the rulers in the world
Why here inside this stable filled with hay
Why her, she’s just an ordinary girl
Now I’m not one to second guess what angels have to say
But this is such a strange way to save the world

To think of how it could have been
If Jesus had come as He deserved
There would have been no Bethlehem
No lowly shepherds at His birth
But Joseph knew the reason
Love had to reach so far
And as he held the Savior in his arms
He must have thought…


Now I’m not one to second guess what angels have to say
But this is such a strange way to save the world
…this is such a strange way to save the world…Saving the World

And as my Daddy says, “If that don’t light your fire, then your wood’s wet.”

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