Book Review: Villette

I have finished reading Villette.

Some have said that Villette is actually Bronte’s best work, even better than Jane Eyre. I can’t agree. Jane Eyre remains my favorite

Still, I did enjoy the book. Bronte’s characters are so animated. Lucy Snowe is admirable. M. Paul is intriguing. Polly is a delight. Graham is frustrating.

I love how Bronte stays true to her faith throughout her novels. Her writing is more spiritual to me than those so-called “Christian fiction romance novels” that are so popular at present. She infiltrates deep text with deep faith, which results in a more sublime experience. Her writing never feels rushed, forced, or false. It is always rooted in truth.

I have decided to give the book 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. I did enjoy it, but it is just not nearly as good as Jane Eyre.

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