10 Reasons I Love Jasper Fforde

1. He slips in the slyest literary references that you might not catch right away, but once you do, it changes your entire perspective on the story.
2. Nothing is off limits. It doesn’t matter who it was written for, or what was written. If it is in print (screenplays and television scripts included) it is fair game.
3. He is a master at subtly breaking the fourth wall.
4. He’s from London.
5. Much like C. S. Lewis, Fforde isn’t afraid to write something that is difficult to wrap your mind around because he knows you just have to “embrace the weirdness” (to quote Jana).
6. “The Nursery Crime Division?” That’s just pure genius.
7. His use of alternate history is fascinating.
8. When he first got published, he committed himself to releasing a book a year for ten years, unlike some other writers, who may keep us waiting for a sequel for two years or more.
9. He created my favorite character in all of fiction, Thursday Next.
10. Metafiction at its finest!

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love Jasper Fforde

  1. Coley says:

    I know. I really want to reread all of his books; but I have so many other books on my reading lists that I’m forbidding myself from doing it. (Which I will, of course, rebel against and read them again anyway!)

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