My Name is Nicole (The "And Don’t Call Me Shirley" Edition)

My name is Nicole. Spelled N-I-C-O-L-E. Not N-I-C-H-O-L-E. I’ve established this.

Furthermore, it is not Michelle or Nikki.

Of all of the people in my life, I can only think of four people that I have ever allowed to call me Nikki. My father has called me that, and because he’s my Daddy, he has every right. My aunt and grandmother both called me Nikki, and because my grandmother was so wonderful, I loved it that she had a special name for me. Amy Jo always called me Nicky D. I have no idea why, but it never bothered me.

If you are not one of the above people, please remember that my name is Nicole!

People call me Michelle all the time. In fact, someone did it at the store last night. I smiled and said hello, but inwardly I cringed. Just because some one’s name has mostly the same letters as another name does not mean they are the same. Am I right, Jana?

Why does this bother me? I’ll tell you what I told Stan. “You know how some people’s names just “fit” them? That’s how I feel about Nicole. I’ve never felt like a Nikki. People have called me that, and people have asked permission to call me that, and I’ve told some of them that it is okay; but it has just never felt natural to me.

It isn’t my name, that’s why. And that should be enough.

It is pretty comical to watch someone when they realize that they’ve been calling me either Michelle or Nikki, and that it isn’t my name/I don’t prefer to be called that.

They get all embarrassed and apologize.

It is also funny because I think that everyone has problems with people getting their names right. Stan told me once that he used to sometimes say, “This is, uh, Stan,” to keep people from thinking he was saying, “This is Dan.”

So, just so we’re clear . . . it’s Nicole. Yep, that’s my name.

8 thoughts on “My Name is Nicole (The "And Don’t Call Me Shirley" Edition)

  1. meagan says:

    I promise to never call you Nikki. Nor Nicki, Nicky, Niki, Nicki, nor Shirley.I have pretty much the same reaction as you for when people call me Meg. That is not my name!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I get called Heather and Amanda ALL the time. When I say “No, it’s Amber,” they usually respond, “Huh! You look so much like a Heather/Amanda!”Amber

  3. k says:

    people are weird. since when are michelle & nicole the same name?! i’ve had complete strangers give me attitude for lili not being a lilian. sorry- i only like lili. MYOB!

  4. Jana Swartwood says:

    You are SO right! And I have to agree with K: Michelle and Nicole are not even remotely similar enough to be confused.Of course, in my world, I can correct someone over and over and never quite get through in a way that changes their grotesque mispronunciation.There are people who have known me for years who still call me “Janna.”

  5. Coley says:

    Amber, seriously, the next time someone calls you Heather, just call them Horace, unless their name is Horace. If their name is Horace, call them Elton.Heather is so far from Amber that it is ridiculous.

  6. Coley says:

    Janna, oops, I mean Jayna.But seriously, Jai, I knew you would be able to relate to my post. I was thinking about you when I wrote it. In fact, I almost mentioned your Jana/Janna dilemma.

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