The Wonderful World of Teavana

Stan and I just got back from Dallas yesterday. During this trip, we made another visit to the wonderful world of Teavana. Even if you aren’t much of a tea drinker, I can promise you that one visit to a Teavana store will change all of that for you. Teavana is more than just tea. They have more tea flavors than you could ever imagine. Plus they will custom blend teas right in the store. It is a tea lovers heaven. On our most recent visit, Stan and I were determined to purchase some of their German rock sugar.

What is rock sugar?
Rock cane sugar is pure sugar that is crystallized through a specific heating and cooling process that originated in Germany. This process allows large sugar crystals to form, and in addition, the crystals are further sweetened with the edition of caramelized sugar (cooked until it turns a rich brown). The large rock crystals are coated with the sugar mixture and allowed to dry. Rock cane sugar is less refined and tends to be milder than granulated sugar, causing a more subtle flavor and enhancing the nuances of a fine cup of tea.
The rock sugar will sweeten your tea without altering it. Our brown sugar contains molasses so it will enhance the flavor of your tea. Since the sugar is less refined it creates a much more subtle flavor than normal sugar.

At Teavana, they mix the rock sugar into the tea leaves before they are brewed. The result is truly amazing.

Whether or not you are a tea drinker, I’m quite certain that Teavana has something for you. Unfortunately, the closest store that I’ve found so far is in Dallas. Their tea prices can get a little high, with some of their white teas pricing out at $15 per 2 ounces, but most of them are totally worth every penny.

If this were the taco blog, I’d give Teavana 5 out of 5 tacos, but it isn’t, so I’ll give Teavana 5 full teacups!


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