Life Without . . .

Stan and I have been without cable television and internet for one week, and will be without it for at least one more week.

I haven’t had salt and pepper in the house since we moved.

I can’t find my grey socks.

We don’t have any every day plates, so we’re eating off of paper ones, using plastic forks, and drinking from plastic cups.

I only have a fraction of my books.

There are no pictures on the wall.

Most of our clothes are either in boxes or baskets.

I can’t find a tissue anywhere.

Despite all of that, we’re deliriously happy in our new home!

One thought on “Life Without . . .

  1. Emily says:

    yay new home! I would tell you it won’t take long to get all that organized, but we moved in September and i JUST found the old salt & pepper shakers…in a box of old clothes and books…no idea…don’t ask. 🙂Just enjoy the time without the distractions! they’ll be up in full swing soon enough!

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