Get Out There and Vote!

Ha ha, tricked you. You clicked over because you thought this post would be about the upcoming presidential election. Yeah, it isn’t.

It’s about the Great Wednesday Compare over at The Book Mine Set. This week, John is comparing Walt Whitman to Emily Dickinson. So, surf on over there and vote (for Emily). Every week, John compares a new duo of writers (like Emily) and you, the readers, have the opportunity to decide who (Emily) is the better writer.

Voting ends at midnight on Tuesday, April 29th, so I’m making this a sticky post to stay up there until then, just so you don’t forget. Aren’t I nice?

So, go out and vote, or stay in and vote, or lay on the couch and vote. It doesn’t matter how you vote, just vote (and be sure to choose Emily)!

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