Getting What I Wished For

Well, since I posted about what a nerd I am. You know, how I was ready for classes to start again. How I was checking every day to see if my class was up.

Yeah, it is up. It is definitely up.

Here’s the story (of a lovely lady), the class is called The Short Story, obviously because we are studying the short story genre. It is a summer course that lasts about 8 weeks, which means that it is a bit concentrated.

I knew this. I knew that it would likely be intense. I knew that it might get overwhelming.

I had no idea that we would be required to read one short story* every day**.

Nor that we would be expected to post 3 to 4 discussion board posts every day.
For 8 weeks.

Intense? Yeah, I’d say so.

*Including The Death of Ivan Ilyich, which is almost a novel unto itself.

**Every day, in this case, means Sunday through Thursday.

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