I want to be Thursday Next. Really, I do.

Yes, I know that she is fictional. I understand that her travels into Bookworld are not humanly possible. I realize that she is British and I am not.

I still want to be her. I want to play her in a movie. I want to be part of the television series. I’d like to audition for her part in a play. And while I know that none of these things exist, nor does Mr. Fforde plan to attempt any of these things, it does not change the fact that I just want to be Thursday Next.

And though I am about 250% certain that Jasper Fforde has never read this blog, and is therefore quite oblivious to the fact that I think he is a genius, I will still take this opportunity to express how anxious I am for another book from him. I’ve read them all. I’ve read some of them several times. I am ready for another book. Seriously, Jasper, I’ve read a lot of fiction in my life. You are truly one of the greatest writers I’ve ever read.

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