Jana, you’ll never believe this!

I am on the list to be notified when Library Thing has its list up of books for early reviews. Today I was notified that the June list was up. I was skimming through the books and their descriptions when I came across this sentence: “#1 Essence bestseller and “One of hip hop fiction’s hottest authors.”

What in the world is ‘Hip Hop Fiction’?

I looked on the Wiki, they don’t mention it on the Literary Genres page.

My question is, does it come with a musical soundtrack?

2 thoughts on “Jana, you’ll never believe this!

  1. Coley says:

    Yeah, that’s a great “general” definition. James Baldwin writes about living in an urban area and drugs, but I’m still not calling him a “hip hop fiction” writer.I want to see some “hip hop fiction” novels with an mp3 player attached to the cover.But seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome if books, any books, really came with a musical soundtrack? We should totally do that!

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