Movie Review: Bride & Prejudice

So, for the first time I can remember (correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll retract this statement), I am about to retract a statement I made.

In this post, and to a slightly lesser degree in this post, I made it clear that I had no hopes that the Bollywood film Bride & Prejudice would be worth my time. I take it back. I apologize to anyone and everyone that was involved in the making of this film (especially to Alexis Bledel, who, honestly, should have had a much larger part, and should have played the guitar.)

While I will admit that this was most definitely not the best version of Pride and Prejudice that I have ever seen, I can say now with absolute certainty that it is most definitely not the worst.

In fact, it was actually very well done.

First of all, it was a ‘musical’. I put the word ‘musical’ in quotes because it doesn’t really exemplify my idea of a musical. Personally, I felt that there was more dialogue than a traditional musical should have. Yet, I have to point out that there was certainly more music than a standard movie, hence ‘musical’.

The music was remarkable. Many of the songs were done in both English and Punjabi. I truly love when other cultures incorporate their own language into English-speaking films, and don’t automatically interpret it. It adds a mystery to the film that makes me want more. Of course, most of the music was translated in captions, or by another English speaker, but sometimes, they just didn’t interpret it. It was anyone’s guess what the character said in that sentence. And it was great.

In addition to the language aspect, the music was enchanting. Stan, who was in the room, but not really watching, even said that the music was intoxicating. There were even a couple of songs which, when they started I thought, “Oh gosh, this one is going to be annoying”; but by the end of the song I was thinking, “Wow, awesome song.” The music was playful, unique, and captivating. I really want the musical soundtrack now (minus Ashanti).

Secondly, it was colorful. The cast wore the brightest, most vivid colors. It was very pleasing to the eye. There was one scene where they showed the cast from above, and they were grouped according to the color they were wearing. I loved it. It reminded me of that awesome Feist video of the hit “1234“.

Third, it was respectful and clean. I learned from IMDB, that:

“In Bollywood cinema, it is taboo to show any sort of sexual contact, even kissing. Instead they usually show some abstract representation of sexual contact, (birds chirping, waves crashing, etc.) or nothing at all. This is why in Lalitha’s wedding fantasy, even though she and Darcy lean in to kiss, she leans back before their lips even touch.”

There was also no nudity, and I can’t exactly remember, but I’m almost certain there was no cussing, or at the very least, there was not much.

Fourth, although they changed some aspects of the storyline, it wasn’t enough of a change to take away from the movie. In other words, I didn’t constantly yell out to Stan, “What? Are you kidding That never happened! Arrrgh!” as I have done in other versions.

All in all, it was really a good movie. I might want to own it, in fact. I have been debating as I wrote this post, on what rating I should give it. I think that 3 stars is too low, but 5 may be a little high. So, let’s go with four, and the option to change that at my leisure.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Bride & Prejudice

  1. Coley says:

    Emily, you should definitely watch it, if for no other reason than comparison. It is definitely a different interpretation, but a good one. And now that I have seen the ‘big 7’ versions of the film, I plan to write a comparison post for each character. (It’s been done before, I know. But I haven’t done it:)One thing they did that is rarely done (outside of the A&E/BBC version) is, they didn’t portray Bingley as a complete moron. The Bingley in this film was intelligent and confident, he was just easily persuaded by Darcy. I like that. I never thought Bingley was an idiot. He just seemed to really rely on Darcy’s opinions.It really is a version that I think any P&P fan should watch. And I think you might like the music. If you’re anything like me (which I know you are), you should like, at the very least, some of the music.

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